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Married laughs before sleep

Apr 1, 2006

A few nights ago in bed, after watching the episode where Iron Chef Chinese loses a potatoes battle against a female challenger, Joey and I got into a conversation about secret ingredients that would suck. We joked about lettuce being a lame secret ingredient, and this triggered a fantasy…

After much sacrifice and effort, somehow Joey gets to “serve” as a judge for one of the Iron Chef battles. We pictured him all ready and happy making jokes with the Japanese actress du jour, and holding his napkin in anticipation of the delightful five-course meal. Takeshi Kaga makes the introduction as the music goes in crescendo. He finally says: “Tonight’s secret ingredient is… BRUSSEL SPROUTS!”. This is where we break in hysterical laughter for several minutes…

See, there are two kinds of people: Those who love brussel sprouts, and those (like us), who vomit a little in their mouths just to think of them. You would have to be in that last group and of course, dream of being an Iron Chef judge, like Joey, in order to understand why we were laughing so hard.

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