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Must Conquer Vector Art

Jun 14, 2006

Peace, by Maria StultzFor a long time I’ve shied away from attempting to create what I consider “difficult” . I think the tool is hard to master, and the thought of it used to remind me of my very old failed attempts to convince recruiters that I could become a consultant… With the difference that as bad as I may be at this, I am truly inspired, and I do want to learn more and get infinitely better at computer illustration. Never the case with consulting.

So it begins. My first serious attempt, “Peace” is posted in the . Far, very far from perfection, I must say working on this drawing felt as nice as making art again. There is so much I need to learn, and that is extremely exciting. Do not let me get away with posting more Photoshop stuff. From now on, I really need to focus on vector drawings. That’s what the playground is for.

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  1. On Jun 15, 2006, Petie wrote:

    That’s really amazing – you did that all via computer graphics? It looks more “emotional” then most computer graphics – I like the light angles you use to make it look so real.

  2. On Jun 15, 2006, Marla wrote:

    You’re SOO going to blow me away in this tennis match!

    But it will inspire me to learn more!

  3. On Jun 15, 2006, Maria wrote:

    You two are too kind… Thank you…

    I based the digital drawing on a sketch I did during a Figure Drawing class:

    Tesa, by Maria Stultz

    As you can see, I’m still clumsy with Illustrator. I relied on gradients and blur effects to suggest “realistic” volumen, but I couldn’t render all the shadows and highlights as I had them in the original drawing. And I couldn’t suggest/draw nose and mouth easily.

    So, no Marla… I will not blow you away on our soon to come tennis match. I may have some skill with figure drawing, but other subjects, and all of Illustrator’s tricks are still beyond me.

  4. On Jul 7, 2006, Chris wrote:

    You could always take up MS Paint.