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Bringing Him Home

Baby Shark

Dec 7, 2007

For those who’ve never experienced pregnancy, this may sound weird and may look pretty freaky, but I’m actually going to miss it…

Good Lord!

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  1. On Dec 7, 2007, Petie wrote:

    Dang, Elise and Joelle didn’t move that much! You will miss it – that’s the ONLY thing I miss about being pregnant.

  2. On Dec 7, 2007, Maria wrote:

    We do have a wild baby :)

  3. On Dec 8, 2007, Joey wrote:

    So many different nicknames. When he’s making ripples like that, I like to call him El Tiburon (the shark). I like El Pulpo (the octopus) when he is punching up on the left and then the right.

  4. On Dec 8, 2007, ksr wrote:

    “HOLY CRAP!!!” , Adriana Rodriguez

  5. On Oct 22, 2009, Destiny wrote:

    Oh my. =]
    I’m about 2 and a half weeks pregnant.
    I can’t wait to experience things like that!!!
    Its really cool to see really cool to see.
    I’ve never seen that much movement before though.

  6. On Oct 22, 2009, Maria wrote:

    Congrats Destiny!… And thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a great pregnancy :)