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The Stultzes »

My version of us as Simpsons characters: . . . . . And without comparing notes, here’s Joey’s version: He! he!… I love that he gave himself yellow-green hair. I’ve always told him that he has green hair.

Venting through a culinary metaphor »

You would think that the worst thing that could happen to your project is for it to be canceled… or… put on hold. But you’re wrong: This is much worse. I’ve been cooking a meal since August. This wasn’t just any meal. It was big, important, with a hugely good and nice cause behind it. [...]

DIY Pregnancy Jeans »

Apologies to my regular readers for the recent obsessiveness with pregnancy topics, and the narrow subject matter of this post. This one is for all pregnant women in desperate search for maternity jeans, who even before getting pregnant have the hardest time finding pants that fit well. Anyone?… I swear I tried. Last week was [...]

The Heartbeat »

When the little peanut growing inside your womb doesn’t have much material presence, you take what you can get… I had a checkup with my doctor this afternoon. All good, all great. Time came to check on the baby’s heartbeat. I have not written about this, so I need to explain that few things compare [...]

Only possible on the second trimester »

So, no. I haven’t been dead. But the woes of the first trimester of pregnancy did take me away from a lot of things I usually enjoy… like blogging, or doing anything at all. At 15.7 weeks I’m happy to report that my energy seems to be back, as well as the appetite for delicious [...]

The Secret of My Life »

I just heard some very powerful words that although were not new at all to me, for I have lived a lot of my life and achieved most of my goals by this rule, their message indeed needed to be remembered: You may be feeling that it would be easier to be hearing these words [...]

Dear Mother Nature »

I was really trying to hold on writing my first pregnancy post until a time when I felt both: ecstatic to be pregnant, and completely confident on the viability of the pregnancy. Yes. For those that I haven’t told yet: I am 6-weeks pregnant. Yay. Unfortunately, every pregnancy book on the planet begins with the [...]

El Camino de la Muerte »

While drinking my cocoa after four days of non-stop work meetings, I saw a documentary on the History Channel that captivated me immediately. It was about “El camino de la muerte” (“Death road” in English), a road in Bolivia averaging 200-300 annual deaths, for which it is known as the world’s most dangerous road. As [...]

Embarrassing episodes in the life of a poor barefoot girl from the Andes »

As much as I think that there are more similarities than differences among the cultures of South America and North America, I have to admit to a few minor cultural clashes — and food sacrifices — I’ve had to overcome since I came to live in the U.S. Now, not being the typical Colombian who [...]

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