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Out of Mother’s Morning Out »

While watching the morning snow piling up on the driveway and sidewalk I cleaned yesterday while Joaquin napped, I get a wonderful phone call to brighten my day even more. It’s the director of the Mother’s Morning Out program where Joaquin has been going weekly since September. Although in the last month Joaquin had two [...]

Days 6 and 5 »

Yesterday I realized that my RSS feed is not working, and after much research and effort, it seems that I can’t fix the situation. So, since nobody is reading this (except maybe for Chris… LOVE YA Chris!), I guess it’s ok to talk about both days in one post. And here it goes… It’s crazy [...]

Day 7 »

On the countdown to Joaquin’s first birthday, allow me to indulge on a little bit of shameless mommy blogging and document my baby’s last week as a baby (major sniff). Today’s morning was no indication at all of what the afternoon would bring. Joaquin had a terrible time at his Little Gym class. And I [...]

Oh dear… »

We’re about to go out for our Thanksgiving celebration at Mimi’s Cafe. Everyone is wearing nice clothes. I’m bringing a couple of board books with us. However, the bollo chose to wake up at 7:00 this morning, and I fear that things will end up in tears at the restaurant, and we’ll end up having [...]

Knock knock… Who’s There?… The Financial Crisis. »

While I have managed to ignore all the ugliness currently going on in the world, out of my home, the financial crisis has finally knocked on my door… No, we’re not having financial trouble, thank God! Three years ago, when we were buying a home as a student and a freelance web designer, things would’ve [...]

As a gift to the public domain… »

After three years of doing this, our e-Christmas Card has become sort of a tradition many of our people have come to expect. I’ve always loved receiving people’s Holiday cards and letters telling us about their year. When we got married, Joey wanted us to join the tradition, but I’ve never thought I’m a very [...]

Custom designed fabric, at last! »

You may remember some time ago I was dreaming of decoration plans for my home, and I considered crafting certain fabric designs, or painting them, and using them to reupholster some of our furniture, but none of those handmade options sounded like they would produce a good quality product. And then, months later, when I [...]

Why am I not surprised? »

Sunday evening Joey finds me making a onesie for Joaquin. I tell him that I’m going to bed early with him. I’m a little bummed. Nobody will buy my stuff at Etsy. Just a couple of people show interest in my hats, and nobody seems to care for the mini wallet. I’m never going to [...]

Sticking my patita in etsy »

YES! YES! YES! I finally opened my tiny etsy shop. As I say in my shop’s announcement, I probably should have waited to have more items to sell, but come on!… making two vueltiao hats with the little time I get away from my bollito is no small feat. As the perfectionist business–background person that [...]

Still lots to learn from my mother »

At this moment my mom is flying back to Colombia after a 47–day visit in our home. We kept busy and had tons of fun, as evidenced by the lack of updates to this web site since her arrival. My mom has a great sense of humor, cooks deliciously, and has a remarkable, not often [...]

Forget You! »

You’ve heard them. You may even be one of them. Without a whole lot of whining you dare to vent a tiny little fact related to how challenging your life has become with your (now seven months old) little bundle of joy, and Super Mom smiles and replies: “But they [children] are worth it”. Personally, [...]

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