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Aug 14, 2009

handprinted clutch in progresshandprinted clutch in progress

A future clutch!

Remember this fabric I handprinted like seven centuries ago?

Well, you may have forgotten. But I?… I have spent the last seven months since I printed it watching it laying on my craft table. Every day. Right there, staring at me like “you pussy, I bet you’re not going to make anything with me”. HA! WRONG!

So why do I write a glorified blog post for something I clearly have not finished making?

Because if I don’t, I may be tempted to put it back in the box and place it lovingly on my pile of unfinished projects which I keep right on my craft table just to mortify me and remind me every day that I need to finish them. And I can’t take seven more months of this fabric laughing at me!

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  1. On Aug 14, 2009, Joe wrote:

    Make that fabric your bitch!

  2. On Aug 14, 2009, Maria wrote:

    YEAH!… I’ll show her!