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A day in my life

Oct 7, 2009

Here’s a little slideshow documenting a fairly typical day in my life. I once saw a photo album one of my friends uploaded to his Facebook account for this same purpose, and I have wanted to do something similar since then. Wouldn’t it be interesting to do this every year and see how life changes?

A couple of clarifications: 1) My mom appearing at my home at 11 pm is not typical. This just happened to be the night she arrived to stay with us for a month. 2) This was a weekday. Weekends are totally different; Joey takes care of Joaquin and I work on my handmaking projects a lot of the day. Yes… I have the best husband!

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  1. On Oct 7, 2009, Devra wrote:

    Beautiful!! What a great job and I LOVE the music!!

  2. On Oct 7, 2009, Maria wrote:

    Isn’t it wonderful?… It’s called “The Holly And The Ivy” by George Winston. Thank you for watching, Devra :)

  3. On Oct 7, 2009, KSR wrote:

    Love it! ;-)

  4. On Oct 8, 2009, Ivan wrote:

    Eso está muy bonito

  5. On Oct 8, 2009, Ria wrote:

    What a great idea and how wonderfully performed by sliding in to the frames. And of course so recognizable. A true treasure for Joachim.
    (And Pelle like it a lot, too).

  6. On Oct 8, 2009, Maria wrote:

    Thank you all for the nice comments.
    Thanks to Pelle too :)