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2011 Archives

Cheat Sheet »

Breathe. Pause. Close your eyes. Slow down – moving, speaking, thinking. Forget time – Don’t look at the clock. Choose freedom. Say yes – to yourself. Suspend all judgments.

Our Journey (part 2) »

Continuing the story we shared last year, this video documents the last 12 months in Joaquin’s Son-Rise Program. Although Joaquin’s growth has been (and continues to be) amazing, this is mostly a tribute to the beauty of the process and the extraordinary people that have joined hands with us building and providing an optimal growing [...]

Choosing and Allowing »

I used to read “happiness is a choice” as “happiness is a choice, and you’re always supposed to choose it; if you can’t it’s okay for now, but do seek happiness when you’re ready”. And so I’ve done a lot of choosing, allowing, and then attempting to choose not sure if I’m ready… just perhaps [...]

A testimonial from a Son-Rise Volunteer »

Christy Christensen (a certified yoga instructor among many other things) plays every week with Joaquin in his Romper Room. She is a volunteer of our Son-Rise program (our only volunteer at the moment), and a friend to all of us. She recently submitted this essay with her application for a scholarship for an advanced yoga [...]

Love vs. Fear »

I used to think that if you do Son-Rise perfectly, your child will have no option but to recover (as in, be fully “cured” of autism). I did this in order to motivate me to play perfect Son-Rise and put all of me behind the goal of Joaquin’s recovery. I took this belief in an [...]

On / Off »

While appreciating the fact that I currently find myself inspired, peaceful, loving, free, and flowing… I just noticed how my “newspaper” (the collection of things that reach me every day) is bringing me messages of inspiration, love, freedom, ease, and fluidity. I’m noticing the obvious: It’s not a coincidence and special gift from the angels [...]

Finding at the bottom of my subconscious »

While Joaquin takes a nap in our living room, I decide to take my Frequency book and read by him. As I go through chapter 3, an incredible revelation comes over me. I start seeing it so clearly. It makes so much sense, and my heart agrees by beating rapidly, and my eyes, ears and [...]

Healing: Energy and Information »

Wow. I’m putting together what I’m learning about living cells from Bruce Lipton, with what I learned and keep experiencing after attending a Reconnective Healing seminar last weekend, with what I’m experiencing reading Penney Peirce’s “Frequency”… It’s all making so much sense, and just keeps validating my gut wisdom to keep discarding much of what [...]

Stepping Out of Yourself »

There is this big fat fear I’ve had for a long time, that as I get older evolves in relationship to the people in my life, but the core of it is still there. And now that I find myself every day telling the Universe that I want to advance spiritually, that I’m trusting, listening, [...]

9. I can’t be around Joaquin when I’m unhappy »

At the core of this belief there is the very big and fat red itchy theory that I may have planted in Joaquin the subconscious idea that the world is not safe; that he is not welcome in my life. Sometimes I’ve thought that Joaquin may have experienced the conflict I had as a stay-at-home [...]

Loving Joaquin. Loving Ourselves. Loving All »

Lately, my Son-Rise team meetings and feedback sessions with Joaquin’s volunteers have focused a lot around a holistic view of our attitude. Meaning, I’m not talking about what we do in the Romper Room only, but about the whole way how he live love, choice, trust, self-awareness, gratitude and happiness in our lives. The idea [...]

Happy Lenses »

Today… Just as an experiment… Decide that you ‘re going to have an awesome day. There will be a lot of stuff out of your control, and no matter what happens, just today, as an experiment, you will choose to be happy and at peace with whatever situation is thrown at you; with whatever thing [...]

In case of unhappiness, read this… »

.post h3 {text-transform: none;} .blanco {font-size: .9em; font-style: italic;} Having embraced my unhappiness for the last three days, I emerge today peaceful, happy and loving, and ready to go on with my present life. And because I can see clearly now without the clouds of resistance and self-judgement, I also have a few words of [...]

Baking Puzzle »

I make muffins as a recurring lunch staple to give Joaquin vegetables that he still has not decided to like. In the current stable version of my recipe, I put carrot and zucchini. I like the flavor and texture, though they don’t rise as much as I’d like. This weekend, however, I decided to experiment… [...]

Awetism — no typo here »

The day I realized my 2-year-old son was (is) autistic, I felt death. Felt the weight of a curse. Thought I was being punished. Got angry and cried on the unfairness that my only son, for whom I had taken such good care since before he was conceived, had been damaged in such a way [...]

Blessed Food and Water »

For anyone open to believe, and who may benefit from considering these thoughts… For the last months I’ve heard so much about the wonder of fermented foods in the treatment of autism. The information makes a lot of sense to me, and I have started as much as I can to add fermented foods to [...]

Slowly Awakening »

Success, performance, achievement. The stuff for which I’ve worked most in the first 38 years of my life… Last year’s existing project to create a new passionate career… To become a successful artisan, a brand name, a recognized designer able to make a living out of my craft and joy, all surrounded by stress and [...]