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A Small Human Friend for Joaquin

Sep 2, 2012

Last month I was suddenly possessed by an urge to make an interactive humanoid toy for Joaquin. While bollo is still resistant to children, I wanted to give him a little boy as his friend; a subtle start he could accept.

Last time I made a doll, I was in high school. It was a long-haired cute girl I gave to a three-year-old baby whose family I was volunteering with. I’ve saved the pattern collection I used back then all these years. It came in handy for this project, after a few alterations.

Rindin's arms and legs with cute fingers and toesRindin's head in progress

Rindin's completed body stretching to touch his toes

Counterclockwise from top left: 1) I love the five fingers and the toesies! My original pattern didn’t have toes but I had to add them after browsing through the huge Waldorf doll collection available online. 2) The Waldorf way of making a head is crazy. I don’t remember having so much trouble with my old instructions. 3) Body is ready. Next time I do this, I want him a bit chubbier. I did do all I could to shape a butt for him (not very successfully) .

Sewing strands of yarn to doll's skullRindin's hair in progress

Hair took a long time. I gave him frequent haircuts in between batches to make myself happy throughout the loooong process of sewing strands of hair to his head.

Rindin with wild hair, sitting in the art room on the night I finished him

Finished! The shirt was quickly altered from one of Joaquin’s newborns onesies. The jeans I made tonight. Can’t wait to see what the bollo thinks of his new friend. He knows I’ve been working on a secret project for him. Let’s hope he likes the little guy. I definitely already love him.

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