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Nurturing a Special Child

Mama’s Clues Game

Oct 14, 2012

Joaquin is not a big guesser; he usually wants us to give him the answers (quickly!). So I prepared a fun game to practice guessing.

The hook to the game presented Joaquin with a sheet of very attractive holographic self-adhesive paper and a note that prompted him to ask me for a clue to find a next prize. All the prizes were hidden in the playroom, and as he found each one he got a clue to the next one. Given his traditional resistance to guessing, it was fun to see him deal with each mental puzzle and succeed.

GOALS: Variation, attention span, ABM slow.
MOTIVATION: Traffic lights, getting surprise gifts, new crafting supplies (holographic self-adhesive paper in red green and yellow, plus a small puncher).

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