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Nurturing a Special Child

Building With Daring Actions

Feb 7, 2013

Inspired by my conversation with Heidi about being bigger when building, I went into this play session with the intention to take daring actions to build myself into our activity and Joaquin’s conversation. I had so much fun!

Daring action gives Joaquin an opportunity to tell us what he doesn’t want (e.g. he didn’t want to play ball a second time, and he did not like me cutting Teresa’s feet – though this outrageous action entertained him and created a fun interaction).

One thing I would do different after watching myself is to withhold the big cheer when he caught the ball. It was an extremely exciting moment for me (as I’ve never seen him move towards a ball to catch it), but understanding of enthusiasm and seeing how Joaquin disconnected briefly right after my celebration, I see that I may have distracted him from his own experience of success performing a new skill for the first time.

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