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Nurturing a Special Child

A rock-star volunteer’s 1st playroom session

Oct 16, 2013

Joaquin and Erin’s first play session went great. They played “Truth or Lies” as the three of us did yesterday, and I was blown away by Erin’s effortless, natural, full of contrast, and fun way to connect with Joaquin while giving him so much new to perceive. This was her first solo session with no more information than the concepts I conveyed to her in our first encounter and a single hour of feedback yesterday.

I loved how fast she took to my belief that Joaquin’s pauses are exciting times at which his brain is processing a new difference perceived, and her natural authentic way to be such a motivating and fun presence in Joaquin’s game.

This was such a rich session evidenced by Kiki’s interactivity, initiation, and the processing/resting pauses in between. I enjoyed so much seeing his warmth to her, and the biggest payoff came when he took her hands, and imitating her rhythm launched on spontaneous hand dance with her. He had never done that before; I’m sure it was the result of such a great and juicy time today. Now Team, watch also that gesture he gives her when explaining “patting”. I loved Erin’s language too “Teach me!”. Wow, what a great first day!

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