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Jan 17, 2014

A sampler of the topics Kiki and I have discussed in “homeschooling time” since its recent inception. Topics are always inspired by our conversations during lunch and the themes that populate his mind that day. Reading through this list makes me smile; I’m not afraid of talking “unsavory” topics with Joaquin; no taboos; he’s so awesome, and I love our conversations…

  1. How do bees make honey? When do they sting?
  2. “Noche de perros” (the story of when Joaquin gave Joey and I the worst and funniest night of our lives at the hospital, hungry for milk but only finding colostrum). Breastfeeding. The story of the baby born in a toilet and flushed down (he survived); we discussed theories of why baby ended up there.
  3. Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic bomb. Date, why?… Saw photos of the bombs, the destruction and injured/dead people, the cities before the bomb, after the bomb, and now.
  4. Relative scale of neighborhood vs. town vs. city. Researched stats for La Pradera (neighborhood), La Calera (small town), and Sandy (our city). Looked for and tabled population, number of hotels, restaurants, schools, households, etc… This, motivated by his interest to build a Lego city.
  5. Porcupines. Why they may poke you, what to do if you get quilled, videos of quills in action.
  6. How was the sun born?… What about the moon?… Read the end of our first tale in “Doce Cuentos Peregrinos”.

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