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Nurturing a Special Child

Aaron in the house!

Mar 25, 2014

We just got back from a rich and fun vacation with family (always expansive for Joaquin), Team Joaquin is officially down to only mama and papa, and to kick-start this new era without volunteers in our child’s life, Aaron DeLand is in the house!

Favorite Moments from Day 1

Day 1 with Aaron: https://vimeo.com/99000082

Complex Imitation

On the second day, Aaron focused on giving Joaquin lots of opportunities to practice complex imitation (i.e. imitating a series of actions as opposed to a single one). Kiki spontaneously and consistently imitates single actions, so we wanted to find his edge when presented with a sequence of them. The film making motivation and game gives us a great opportunity to model and invite him to do several takes as we give him feedback and slow him down to perceive and practice more detail.

Day 2 with Aaron: https://vimeo.com/99000197

Space Yoga –Beautiful Imitation

I don’t think that Joaquin is very motivated to do yoga (I may be wrong), but on their third day together, Aaron packaged yoga moves as their “space training”, a very important part of their game agenda today. It was lovely to see Kiki following Aaron’s movements so well, so attentive… I thought of Christy, of course.

Day 3 with Aaron: https://vimeo.com/99000270

The Final Gem

“I love you!”, Joaquin blurts out to Aaron as he leaves our house to head back home. Sweet little boy… And thank you Aaron for three days of laughs and play.

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