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Nurturing a Special Child

Hombre Araña: A Holistic Hero

Mar 29, 2014

Hombre Araña has resurrected in our playroom. One year ago, he was challenged to perform physical feats. This year, he’s been called to help pretend kids dealing with uncomfortable emotions. I’ve loved to hear the kinds of advice Hombre Araña is providing in these situations (situations “coincidentally” similar to the ones that challenge Joaquin).

For this second time playing the game, Joaquin asked me to write some physical type of calls for help (i.e. physical challenges similar to our version of this game one year ago), and he’d write the emotional ones. We put all the situations in our blind box, draw one from it, I answer a pretend phone call from a child, we discuss the problem, and Hombre Araña goes off, ready to help.

This game is a fabulous arena for several of the developmental areas we’re currently practicing with Joaquin (role playing, emotions, and complex imitation). All of that shows up in this video.

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