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A Boy Growing Up

The Most Recent Miracle

May 16, 2015

Basket or no basket, watching Joaquin doing this made my heart sing…

In the past he’s never played much with balls. For a long time, something in his system lacked all the components you need in order to do it… to follow the ball… to be okay with the unpredictability of where it may go… to catch it… to throw it in an organized way… to like it. Looking at his responses in brief ball games, I thought in fact, his eyes maybe couldn’t track objects moving at such speed. So last January, when he told me he would like to try tennis and squash next time we visit my parents in Colombia, I thought he may not be ready. But watching him play basketball yesterday I was so excited to discover that something BIG has changed. From that little hoop I hung on my front door a few months ago, Joaquin has come to love and learn basketball from his dad.

I watched him in silence… Of course I couldn’t help a few celebrations at first, but then it was all awe and presence, and many deep breaths witnessing the miracle. Physical movement, I know, mirrors or precedes other quantum leaps in the development of his brain and everything else that comes from it (e.g., liking children, something he informed me he has reached recently). Yay Joaquin! You blow me away every day!

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