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Cuchita Center »

My mom told me this as a big secret, so shhhhh.. Don’t tell anyone… She recently discovered that her cable T.V. account had accrued 3000 “stars”, a fortune she could use to get any pay-per-view movies. She checked the movie listings and found this cool and intriguing movie called “Los Cinco Sentidos” (The Five Senses). [...]

Maternal Wishes Still Not Kicking In »

Not yet. I do know some day I will want to have had children. So does Joey. But I’ve just never been the kind of woman that dreams of being a mom. I like babies and children… Sure… (when they are well behaved). But I’ve never seriously pictured myself with one living in my house. [...]

Bring Your Own Big Wheel »

Photo Credit: “The Rage” by theorem . . . . . . . . . . Okay, so this is the kind of stuff that makes me jealous of not living in a big, fun, crazy city… The event is called “Bring Your Own Big Wheel”. It’s a big wheel race down Lombard Street (Yeah… [...]

Site Logs Voyeurism »

Although there are several fine and elegant applications that provide webmasters with consolidated access statistics for their web sites, I find it impossible to live without my own site logs analysis routine. I have become a shameless voyeur of my sites’ access logs, and I find that this practice is good for business and also [...]

Existential Designer Thoughts »

This is one of those days in which I just don’t feel on top of my mountain. Paradoxically, the day started with the happy discovery that Digital Web Magazine published an article that uses one of my designs to illustrate good use of color. Back in November I knew my design would be used, but [...]

Protecting My Precious »

One summer day in the early 90s, while my sister and I were vacationing at my parents’ place in Caracas, I was returning home from a morning at the pool. I was preparing to take a shower, and as soon as I had pulled my shirt off, a horrible emergency siren went off. Apparently there [...]

Sticking my patita in the blogosphere »

After much time spent as a lurker reading and enjoying other people’s blogs, this is the year in which I’ve finally decided to stick my patita in the pool and begin writing publicly. This is that embarrassing first (well, ok: 11th) post documenting the genesis of this web site, and my first attempt to join [...]

Geography Project »

This week I received a well-traveled green booklet, titled “Geography Project”. The book belongs to “David”, a 6th grade student in Florissant, MO, who sent it out around October, last year. David asks the recipients of the book to write a little bit about themselves and the place where they live, and then to send [...]

Tonight’s Secret Ingredient Is… »

A few nights ago, after watching the episode where Iron Chef Chinese loses a potatoes battle against a female challenger, Joey and I got into a conversation about secret ingredients that would suck. We joked about lettuce ever being a secret ingredient – which we thought would be pretty lame, and this triggered a fantasy [...]

Tax Joy »

The creative buzz after SXSW has been interrupted by a thankless job that needed to get done pronto: Tax preparation. Note to Self: Next year, I will make Joey sit with me throughout the whole process. He must suffer with me the consequences of each screw-up, like telling me that his education expenses (potentially a [...]

SXSWi 2006 – Day 2 »

Sunday didn’t feel as juicy and energetic as Saturday. I couldn’t connect with some of the panels, but maybe that had more to do with my physical exhaustion from a serious lack of sleep. However, a few ideas resonated: Respect Your Elder Bloggers After reading about it, I’m sort of curious about Ronni Bennet’s blog, [...]

SXSWi 2006 – Day 1 »

These are some notes I took while attending SXSW Interactive 2006. I hope this post serves me as reminder of some the thoughts and ideas that energized me during the conference. Traditional Design and New Technology The main point of this discussion was expressed by Mark Boulton: In print design it’s all about aesthetics. You [...]



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