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Family is made by blood, marriage, children, by challenging and soaring experiences, by laughter, depth and LOVE. People connected by heart; places and symbols where the soul lingers… That’s family.

A day in my life (2016) »

In 2009 I documented a day in my life. Almost seven years later, this is what life looks like. I once heard that every seven years you’re new. I can confirm this.

A lovely afternoon camping out in the backyard »

Kiki and I enjoying spring and each other in a tent under the shade of our tree. He wrote a post about his experience, and we took photos to remember.

The Best of 2013 »

A video celebrating our favorite moments, people, and places from 2013

Moments at the Magic Room »

Moments of love between Joaquin and his friends in the Son-Rise playroom.

Our Journey (part 3) »

A celebration of love three years into our Son-Rise program. Watch our amazing Team Joaquin and the miracles and joy they’ve helped us reach for our child.

Choosing Heaven »

Last weekend was a tough one. Tiny actions or words unleashed a wave of anger towards Joey which consumed my mind during both days. I’d go to bed okay, or mildly upset, and by morning the emotion was exponentially worse. Very uncomfortable for the three of us. So when a tiny “emergency” woke us up […]

Our Journey (part 2) »

This inspiring video documents the last 12 months in Joaquin’s son-rise Program. It’s a celebration of our journey, Joaquin’s growth, and our team of volunteers.

A testimonial from a Son-Rise Volunteer »

This story confirms the guidance I once got: I was not alone teaching my volunteers. People went into our playroom and something else touched and expanded them.

Finding at the bottom of my subconscious »

While Joaquin takes a nap in our living room, I decide to take my Frequency book and read by him. As I go through chapter 3, an incredible revelation comes over me. I start seeing it so clearly. It makes so much sense, and my heart agrees by beating rapidly, and my eyes, ears and […]

Friend Eliza »

Over the last month before turning three years old, Joaquin started writing numbers, drawing their outlines, spelling words and writing some, all by himself. His memory is amazing. His focus, passion, and control when drawing and writing is (I believe) extraordinary. All signs of a beautiful mind at work. And, as exciting and reassuring as […]

Our Journey (so far) »

In celebration of our child and us, and the parents and volunteers working every day in son-rise playrooms, watch and feel the miracles seven months into our program.

Blind but Trusting »

I’ve just received my rental car for the week. After placing my bag in the trunk and contemplating all the little ways how this cheap rental is not as nice as our family car, I pull out the map package I’ve printed earlier charting the route to the Option Institute. The number of steps is […]

A day in my life »

A typical weekday in my life in 2009.

So long, Siege :( »

Over the last few years, age started beating poor Siege really hard. Every year she’d get sick and the hospital bill would often be around $1,500. It was clear that we needed to replace her, but we don’t like change… And with Joey still in school, we didn’t feel it was prudent to do it. […]

Still lots to learn from my mother »

At this moment my mom is flying back to Colombia after a 47–day visit in our home. We kept busy and had tons of fun, as evidenced by the lack of updates to this web site since her arrival. My mom has a great sense of humor, cooks deliciously, and has a remarkable, not often […]

This House »

Almost three years ago we left our beautiful house in Dallas and moved to this house, a house we bought after only a couple of house–hunting trips to Salt Lake City. We didn’t have time to fool around and wait for the house of our dreams. We needed to find a home soon since the […]

A Parenting Meme »

Monsieur Mandarine has tagged me, and what a great prompt for a post. The original meme (started by Litlove) attempts to gather information on cultural differences regarding parenthood. So let’s begin with some introductory facts for those readers not familiar with me: I’m new in the parents club and probably still have that smell of […]

The End of an Era »

Four months ago, when my mom got off that airplane and greeted my 38–weeks–pregnant belly, a new future event was created in time: The day that she would leave and go back to her home. That day is today. Today is a very sad day for me, not because it marks the beginning of real […]

Noche de Perros »

Today my son has officially turned one month old. It’s hard to believe it… When I think of the time that has gone by since I first showed up that morning at the hospital, it feels like it’s been years. But when I see Joaquin… how chubby he’s gotten… the little pimples on his face… […]

Introducing Joaquin, our perfect bolliti »

Our sweet baby Joaquin is finally here! In just a few days I’ve lived the worst and best moments of my life. There are so many stories I wanted to share, like what it felt like to be among the 25% of pregnant women who deliver via a c-section. Obviously I was not prepared for […]

Week 39.6: Bollito Atrincherado »

Hello bolliti, Lots have happened since my last update… Over the last two times we’ve been to the doctor, she’s confirmed that you have dropped really low and your head is pressing down on my cervix like such a tight cork, she’s having a hard time assessing how much I have dilated. You keep growing […]

A Different Perspective »

Personal thoughts as labor and the birth of my first baby are quickly approaching.

Sweet Genes »

This poor baby is doomed: He's getting some serious genes of sugar addiction.

Bollito or Bollita? »

Our family and friends know it now. It was impossible to keep the suspense too long before we started receiving calls from our moms, dads, and sisters. They all wanted to know: Is it a boy or girl?… Well, and I don’t blame them. Joey and I were so ready to know!… Up until now […]

Happy Birthday To Me »

Reviewing my first year blogging

The Purpose of Life »

A personal analysis inspired by "The Celestine Prophecy" idea that the quest in one's lifetime is to reconcile the opposing approaches and fundamental truths of our parents.

Luz and Lucila »

In memory of my grandmothers and the legacy they passed to me: A passion and skill to create things with my hands.

One Second »

The story of my husband's mountain biking accident

Tercer Viaje a mi Futuro »

Justo antes de ir a Business School… En el que vi la cuna de mi nieto y mi futura familia, sana y salva, esperandome despues de esta aventura y muchas mas.

One Year Ago: Moving to SLC (Part 2) »

The Road Trip... What kept me going through hell... The glorious arrival to our new home.

One Year Ago: Moving to SLC (Part 1) »

Packing our home and leaving Dallas

A Mother’s Curse »

A scary story from my childhood. It all started with a mother's curse.

Married laughs before sleep »

Cracking up in bed with Joey, back in the time when we loved The Iron Chef.