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Healing Journey: September 2010 »

01. Help! Exhausted. Having to cook every meal every single day really drains me. Wish I could buy prepared food once in a while… And with all this cooking spilling over the weekends, I don’t have time to prepare games for therapy. By the end of each day I’m tired and can’t work (on games) [...]

All in motion »

In preparation for my coming trip back to Massachusetts to attend an advanced Son-Rise course, last week I had to fill out a long survey reporting all kinds of details about Joaquin’s current state. The survey was exactly the same I took back in May, just a few weeks after having become aware of Joaquin’s [...]

Healing Journey: August 2010 »

01. Giving SCD a Try During the few months after diagnosing Joaquin, I have resisted all the special diets and biomedical approaches collective wisdom recommends for autistic kids. Joaquin does not show signs of GI problems, but recently I decided to try SCD, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, just in case that his intestinal flora is [...]

Son-Rise in Action »

To give you a sense of what goes on in the romper room, I’ll share a few moments from a Son-Rise session Joaquin and I had this week. In the previous days, we had spent a lot of time around the blackboard and a piece of paper, writing down numbers he would dictate to me. [...]

For all the years I’ve spent trying to avoid the kitchen »

During the few months after diagnosing Joaquin, I have resisted all the special diets and biomedical approaches collective wisdom recommends for autistic kids. The autism label seems to be attached to all kinds of conditions (low immune system, food allergies and intolerances, poor muscle tone, yeast overgrowth), and some people automatically assume that gastrointestinal problems [...]

The Longest Test »

I’ve always believed in this: If you do everything you are supposed to do; if you work hard; if you really work hard at getting something, there’s no way that the universe will not compensate you for your efforts. This used to be my motto throughout my five years at college… While my boyfriend would [...]

Healing Journey: July 2010 »

06. The Romper Room Joaquin’s romper room (i.e. Son-rise playroom) is AWESOME!!!… Still haven’t closed the door, but with the massive migration of toys into it, the bollo is already spending time in the room, and I’m loving it. 07. Calling the Beacons of Light! Remember that exercise we did where we got on groups [...]

But then, the bad days come »

Funny. Just a few hours after posting that I’m on my way to become a force of nature, a soft wind blows and I’m all out of balance feeling like a victim, hoping that I never find out that it was a FREAKING VACCINE what triggered Joaquin’s autism. Because, yes, he’s always had social challenges, [...]

First Weeks into Son-Rise »

The “Romper Room” is Joaquin’s Son-Rise playroom. I still remember how hard it was to do focused therapy throughout the house before having this room ready… Exhausting! Constantly losing Joaquin to the 1000 distractions that the whole house offers to a little boy with a short attention span, and then having to follow him everywhere [...]

Back in business »

For any of you who may have bumped into a FAT RED warning message when visiting this web site, or who may have seen a “this web site could harm your computer” message from Google search results… Fear no more. I have spent numerous hours this weekend repairing all the damage that a mass hacker [...]

Blind but Trusting »

I’ve just received my rental car for the week. After placing my bag in the trunk and contemplating all the little ways how this cheap rental is not as nice as our family car, I pull out the map package I’ve printed earlier charting the route to the Option Institute. The number of steps is [...]

Healing Journey: June 2010 »

12. Happy That laugh!… It happens every day now. 14. Son-Rise Start Up During her intro speech, Bryn Hogan said “Each of you are here today because you love a child”. They had all of their photos on these walls surrounding us in our training auditorium. 20. Belonging Back home after an amazing week in [...]



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