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Of Child Models and Other Demons »

If I have ever been able to get nice photos of Joaquin wearing my handmade products for kids, those days are starting to fade surely, and not very slowly. These days, now that we walk, run, roll, play, and have an agenda of our own, every time I pull out the camera and aim it [...]

The Trail of Blood »

While carrying a screaming two-year-old, moving him from room to room, yelling at him “CALM DOWN!”, my mind starts to wonder why the heck, after the two times I’ve found traces of an overnight nose bleed in Joaquin’s crib, it never occurred to me to search online for that article on how to deal with [...]

Rottweilers and Two-Year-Olds »

I once heard that Rottweilers lock their jaws when they bite… Nap time is approaching, so I offer Joaquin his toothbrush. Of course, he’s busy playing with clothes hangers, and he decides that he doesn’t have time to brush. He drops the toothbrush and I threaten him with a serious brush your teeth or I’ll [...]

The Wonderful Twos! »

Last week, my babycenter newsletter called Joaquin a “preschooler”. It also warned, me in case I’ve been bracing myself for the arrival of the “terrible twos”, that what’s truly terrible is the second year — the one we just passed — because the “twos” (or third year of life), newsletter says, are a much tamer [...]

DIY chunky alphabet flash cards in Spanish »

Without much effort on our part, and perhaps thanks to the educational videos Joaquin watches every day, our almost two–year–old bollito has moved on from learning the numbers 1 to 10, to now show a huge interest in the alphabet, and as of today, he knows the letters A, B, D, G, I, K, M, [...]

First Kill »

“Look Joaquin! A little insect!”, I point out to “Doro the exploradoro” during our morning walk. His tiny fingers immediately catch the poor crawling bug, and by the time I’m down to his level, telling him to hold it GENTLY, I can see that the thin black patitas are not moving any more. Joaquin offers [...]

D’onjoaquin Hated Halloween »

Remembering the satisfaction I got from making Joaquin’s pirate costume last year, it was kind of implied that this Halloween he would wear a mommy-made costume again. So after a short talk with Joey, we decided that the only requirement for this year’s character would be to include a mustache, just because we loved last [...]

These days, Joaquin… »

Walks around “our property” (the backyard) like Simba, the lion king. Announces poops and pees — and perhaps, farts — by becoming very serious and saying “popó” in a solemn tone to express the “gravity of the situation”. Demands more than two choices to select a video to watch. “Two?!”, he moans and quickly points [...]

Cat Sleep Sack The Third »

Interrupting my recent rampage of jewelry making projects, about a week ago I discovered with horror that Joaquin’s cow sleep sack has become too tight for his 19–month–old growing legs. As I free Kiki out of it and the crib, I tell him about the problem… Sozo doesn’t make any bigger sizes of their adorable [...]

Embracing my high-needs little angel »

Yesterday, right after I finished writing about why I need a nanny, Joaquin and I went out for our weekly playgroup, and if the last two classes at the Little Gym have been a nightmare, yesterday afternoon I really wanted to move to a different planet and not give Joaquin my new address. Joaquin was [...]

Climbing up to the surface »

As soon as I saw her, she reminded me of my mom. She looked mature, yet youthful. I liked everything she said, her experience, her presence at my house, and the best sign of all: Joaquin seemed to be ok with her. He ate his dinner peacefully, even with a “stranger” at the table. Then [...]

To: The Toy Elves »

Dear Elves, First it was the red ball. Then the green spider. Today I went ballistic twice looking all over the house for the hammer, and then looking all over again for the green ball, thinking that they too had mysteriously disappeared in our home’s Bermuda Triangle. Thankfully I found them, but I’m still very [...]


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