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Rogue Chef Joaquin and (not-so-rogue) “chef” Maria sharing the delights and beauties that come out of our special diet. I started SCD with elements of GAPS and kept it going for four years. Now we also have gluten–free grains and some complex carbs in our diet, but we remain sugar, gluten, and yeast free.

Ode to Mint »

Weedy, expansive, and perfect in my garden and kitchen, I love my mint and all the sweet and savory treats I make with it. Here’s to many more years together!

Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream »

Walnuts and cashews make a creamy, rich, and nourishing chocolate ice cream (our mousse) free of refined sugar, eggs, gluten and dairy.

The Rogue Chef: Moew »

“Moew”, pronounced “Moo”, is Joaquin’s latest culinary creation. Inspired by truffles we’ve made and enjoyed at home, he created an SCD recipe for yummy sweet bites.

Cultured Butter »

For Joaquin, whose brain is craving industrial amounts of butter these days, and who asked his mama to make our own at home. Of course cultured it needed to be!

Happy in the Kitchen »

I have become that woman who cooks delicious nutritious stuff every day, bakes for breakfast, improvises recipes, and ENJOYS IT. This is a collection of recent hits to remind myself.

Currant Lemon Scones »

This morning I woke up craving scones. After some research I walked determined to the kitchen, improvised a GFSF recipe, and made my first scones ever. Yum!

The Rogue Chef: Fruit Pizza »

Who makes cookie dough out of sunflower seeds, cream cheese, and kombucha? —THE ROGUE CHEF!… Six-year-old Joaquin explains his GFSF recipe in our first cooking show video.

Sweet Cake »

An SCD recipe developed by six-year-old Joaquin. His first muffin, and third concoction for his project of daily experimental desserts. I love the video tutorial!

Chocolate Birthday Cake »

Joey said it tasted like German chocolate cake, and Joaquin loved it and died for the double frosting. Here's the SCD (except for the cacao) recipe.

Baking Puzzle »

Calling for the help of more experienced bakers to improve my experimental recipe of SCD veggie-rich muffins.

For all the years I’ve spent trying to avoid the kitchen »

Introducing SCD (the Specific Carbohydrate Diet) to our lives, and with it begins an era of learning to cook and bake like I never thought I would.