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Young and Childless

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So much changes when you become a mother. Even more changes when you realize your child is “different”. One day I read through all my “young” posts and decided to let go of everything I didn’t care to remember… Many words I didn’t believe any more. But I kept some stories and perspectives I still want to remember. For now…

Venting through a culinary metaphor »

You would think that the worst thing that could happen to your project is for it to be canceled or put on hold. But you're wrong: This is much worse.

The Secret of My Life »

I just heard some very powerful words that although were not new at all to me, for I have lived a lot of my life and achieved most of my goals by this rule, their message indeed needed to be remembered: You may be feeling that it would be easier to be hearing these words […]

Embarrassing episodes in the life of a poor barefoot girl from the Andes »

Two embarrassing stories from a time when I was learning about and trying to blend in the American culture.

So Far So Close »

Life constantly teaches me that if I manage to hold one more second, one more day, one more small unit of time, something wonderful will happen. I'm always so close to it, even though I can't see it.

Bolliti Panfriti »

I think I'm finally ready to have a baby, and want it.

The Purpose of Life »

A personal analysis inspired by "The Celestine Prophecy" idea that the quest in one's lifetime is to reconcile the opposing approaches and fundamental truths of our parents.

A Gender Meme »

Revealing my beliefs and stereotypes about male and female, and a few snippets of my identity.

Coping With a Slap to Your Face »

Three situations from life and work that hit me hard.

Reaching Professional Milestones »

I've successfully transitioned from a business background to a career in web design. I've reached that milestone. Now what?

The Notion of Paradise »

If there is a heaven, and if you could choose what it is, what would you want it to be?

Tercer Viaje a mi Futuro »

Justo antes de ir a Business School… En el que vi la cuna de mi nieto y mi futura familia, sana y salva, esperandome despues de esta aventura y muchas mas.

Ten Years in the U.S. »

The story of how I ended up coming to live in the U.S.

A Mother’s Figure »

On beauty, and how scary it is for me to lose my far-from-perfect (yet accepted) body to pregnancy.

Where’s the Passion? »

What led me to leave a career in Finance, and how I managed to identify a new field to be excited about for the next years

Working with la Tierra »

Last weekend we spent both days planting a few rose bushes in our backyard. The work reminded me of one of my sweetest memories from college: Fundagro 1991

Maternal Wishes Still Not Kicking In »

Having never dreamed of becoming a mother, here I write about our decision to try to have children this year, and how I feel about the possibility of getting pregnant.

Cuarto Viaje a mi Futuro »

Preocupada por mi decision de cambiar de carrera… En el que valide mi intuicion de partir el jarron.