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ABM essentials

Two years into Son-Rise, I read “Kids Beyond Limits” by Anat Baniel. I started using ABM essentials and immediately noticed an acceleration in Joaquin’s development. ABM put our autism home program on “turbo” mode.

Moving into Fear »

An ABM-inspired activity helped Joaquin to step into his fear of unexpected and unpredictable physical contact. His motivation: basketball. The aftermath: overall expansion!

Dazzling Madame Bovary »

I used ABM’s essential of subtlety to help Joaquin perceive non-verbal communication, and he surprised me spontaneously deciding to perform charades for me.

Spontaneously Role Playing for the First Time »

He had never role-played before. Most of his non-verbal abilities were stagnant for years until I started using ABM essentials to awaken this area of his brain

Practicing Movement with Attention »

Life examples of how ABM's 1st essential propelled us with sustained eye contact, verbal context in communication breakdowns, and understanding of emotions.

Inspiring Growth Without Requests »

A tweak to our Son-Rise program replacing requests by opportunities for spontaneous action. In these videos, Aaron's playfulness alone motivates Kiki to imitate him.