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Back in the Path of Light »

For the last 15 months I’ve ventured the path of fixing. Whatever was accomplished, I got lost, burned out, and finally collapsed. It took weeks in the dark and a slap by the system to remember and center around what I learned at the beginning of my journey. Here we go again…

3rd Grade Report »

3rd Grade at home was a year of literacy, developmental discoveries, and foundational breakthroughs. This video summarizes it all.

Cheat Sheet
(found in the middle of the last labyrinth) »

Turning fear into love in action. Years ago I learned and lived this to gracefully navigate out of the limitations of autism. Now APD has come to give me one more way to learn it.

The map in my mind »

The Guiding Team has given me this plan and vision to develop order out of Auditory Processing Disorder, and as a result reach goals we’ve held for years.

Auditory Bombardment Day 21 »

A video of one of our daily sessions designed to practice individual and integrated auditory/verbal skills and to expand Joaquin’s bank of familiar concepts.

Introducing Joaquin to Inquiry
(and adjusting for APD) »

Prompting and helping Joaquin to self-explore his beliefs and responses. Thank you Option Dialogue. Thank you Brain Engineering.

Starting to figure the APD puzzle »

After two weeks of Brain Engineering I’m starting to see lights of knowledge that will help us pinpoint Joaquin’s particular auditory processing weaknesses.

A tiny bit of curriculum »

Thanks to RPM, structured academic activities are seeping into our lives. We are doing lessons on different topics capitalizing on Kiki’s open learning channels.

Listening »

Listening to gorgeous (filtered) music is a gift to our brains and souls.

Processing APD »

A key piece of our puzzle has finally come to sharp focus: Auditory Processing Disorder. Let this new piece of knowledge enrich and expand us.

“La Pandilla Salvaje” to the Rescue »

RPM in bedtime reading has engaged Joaquin with the story told in the children’s book series “La Pandilla Salvaje”. He’s finally listening, following the plot, and of course loving the characters in this outstanding story.