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challenging stimulus

Situations that have triggered my unhappy buttons. Long ago, I would just experience the discomfort. Now I use them to learn more about myself and expand through them.

“I am not Enough”—is that true? »

Put against the grain of the world I fear. Criticism points to doubts I hold about myself, and it’s gotta be for me to claim my strength, to align with truth, to become my highest potential letting go of the belief that I am not enough.

The storms off the beaten path »

My path parenting and educating a special child is completely out of the mould, and the uncertainty about its results brings recurring fear and stress which I must fight to continue walking.

A Story from the Trenches »

In the road less traveled criticism hurts because I’m still walking blindly, finding my way as I go, and there’s no promise of a happy ending. Thank God for the messages that come to support me and assure me: I’m not alone.

Expanding Through Music »

Pursuing growth opportunities for Kiki through musical training, I was challenged by the stimulus that came with it. The experience expanded us both beyond the sheer powers of music.

Healing Journey: October 2010 »

Juicy month full of challenging stimulus with Kiki seeking control, me growing as a nurturer, and new exciting developments in Joaquin.

Going to Battle »

A memorable experience of guidance: Turning a challenging moment in Kiki's social development into an inspiring opportunity to climb our mountain with joy and enthusiasm.

The Longest Test »

Challenged and discouraged by Joaquin's resistance to eat the nourishing food I started making with SCD. Fearful that my actions would not result in the outcome I was working towards.

But then, the bad days come »

What unhappiness looked like when life was difficult, when I was just beginning my journey as mother of a child with higher needs, and I felt trapped and uncomfortably stretched.

Venting through a culinary metaphor »

You would think that the worst thing that could happen to your project is for it to be canceled or put on hold. But you're wrong: This is much worse.

Coping With a Slap to Your Face »

Three situations from life and work that hit me hard.