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Home Reorg: The Bathroom / Laundry Room »

A frugal makeover for our bath/laundry room repurposing two wooden baby gates to create a clothesline concealed behind closet doors.

Cool it down, Mafe Maria »

The last time I wrote (feels like a year ago), I happily reported that I had finished my kids’ size chart and was starting to create standardized patterns for my “line” of shirts… OH MY GOD!… How I underestimated the effort and scope creep ahead of me… What hit me since then was a wave […]

Dusting the Studio (Part 2) »

Or perhaps I should call this one… “The Recycled Paperboard Nazi”, given the huge stash of empty paperboard and cardboard boxes I have amassed, and the way I protest every time Joey fails to notify me when he throws away any box I could potentially use. One of the things I most enjoy about selling […]

DIY chunky alphabet flash cards in Spanish »

My process making chunky alphabet flash cards in Spanish (or should I say “Tarjetas ilustradas del alfabeto / abecedario”) for my toddler.

DIY Pregnancy Jeans »

Sewing maternity clothes: How to alter an existing pair of jeans for pregnancy

DIY Reupholstering »

My first attempt at reupholstering furniture

Transferring Digital Images to Canvas »

Experiments testing different techniques to transfer digital images of abstract art to canvas or fabric