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Ode to Mint »

Weedy, expansive, and perfect in my garden and kitchen, I love my mint and all the sweet and savory treats I make with it. Here’s to many more years together!

Teaching Now: The Food Garden »

This spring my food garden is teaching me one more layer of letting go. I’m trusting the balance of nature, and enjoying my foraging trips every lunch and breakfast.

The Food Garden v.2014 »

Snapshots of our 2014 home harvest; my return to gardening and the beginning of a beautiful and deeper friendship with my land and food.

So Amazed »

Amazed by the development of fruit on my tiny potted black bean plant.

A Growing Project »

An amateur's gardening experiment attempting to grow plants from seed and train them as bonsai

Working with la Tierra »

Last weekend we spent both days planting a few rose bushes in our backyard. The work reminded me of one of my sweetest memories from college: Fundagro 1991