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Wise thoughts I don’t recognize as mine, multidimensional experiences that change my perspective forever, guiding and activating messages coming from dimensions beyond the four known.

Prayer »

Calling on the Higher Spheres as I contemplate a possibility for my next creation; one that would serve autism, education, and love in this world… a “building project” that would use all of my gifts and motivations.

An important message from the Oracle »

I’ve just turned my pain into fire and gotten support for a new loop around the spiral of awetism parenting, and my child of light tells me this!

The map in my mind »

The Guiding Team has given me this plan and vision to develop order out of Auditory Processing Disorder, and as a result reach goals we’ve held for years.

Time to climb, stretch, and reach. »

Our RPM exploration has inspired me to pursue a structured activity not completely centered around Joaquin’s interests. He’s ready and the guiding team is cheering me on.

A Story from the Trenches »

In the road less traveled criticism hurts because I’m still walking blindly, finding my way as I go, and there’s no promise of a happy ending. Thank God for the messages that come to support me and assure me: I’m not alone.

What I’m learning from all THIS »

The U.S. presidential election is giving me a rich opportunity for expansion as I attempt to see disagreement and uncertainty with grace, from a higher perspective.

The Launch »

This morning I was launched into something yet to be discovered. It involved a separation from a past identity, and an explicit intention to trust and allow the journey to take me where it’s headed.

A message from a horse »

I notice what I notice, then my dream and the experiences next day unravel a multidimensional message from my son reassuring me of our deep soul connection.

Creativity —my nature and healing »

Learning about “talents” and my nature as a creator to dissolve one more layer of the limiting thought that I need to do and be more than I already am.

Fading Away »

With the recent introduction of a set of vinyl stamps and a clear stamping block, Joaquin has forgotten about his motivation for road construction, and has played three times in a row all around making these type of stamped strips for his streets. In addition to the focus and excitement he displays from trying and […]

Choosing Heaven »

Last weekend was a tough one. Tiny actions or words unleashed a wave of anger towards Joey which consumed my mind during both days. I’d go to bed okay, or mildly upset, and by morning the emotion was exponentially worse. Very uncomfortable for the three of us. So when a tiny “emergency” woke us up […]

Guidance from the Team »

This morning, right before waking up, I saw the image of an angel (?) all dressed in white, long blond straight hair, and really huge dark eyes. I thought that maybe he’s someone in my team. That concept of “team” is very recent. Like perhaps from Monday night, when I went to sleep and saw […]

Healing: Energy and Information »

Wow. I’m putting together what I’m learning about living cells from Bruce Lipton, with what I learned and keep experiencing after attending a Reconnective Healing seminar last weekend, with what I’m experiencing reading Penney Peirce’s “Frequency”… It’s all making so much sense, and just keeps validating my gut wisdom to keep discarding much of what […]

Blessed Food and Water »

For anyone open to believe, and who may benefit from considering these thoughts… For the last months I’ve heard so much about the wonder of fermented foods in the treatment of autism. The information makes a lot of sense to me, and I have started as much as I can to add fermented foods to […]

Going to Battle »

A memorable experience of guidance: Turning a challenging moment in Kiki's social development into an inspiring opportunity to climb our mountain with joy and enthusiasm.