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A day in my life (2016) »

In 2009 I documented a day in my life. Almost seven years later, this is what life looks like. I once heard that every seven years you’re new. I can confirm this.

A lovely afternoon camping out in the backyard »

Kiki and I enjoying spring and each other in a tent under the shade of our tree. He wrote a post about his experience, and we took photos to remember.

The Best of 2013 »

A video celebrating our favorite moments, people, and places from 2013

A day in my life »

A typical weekday in my life in 2009.

So long, Siege :( »

Over the last few years, age started beating poor Siege really hard. Every year she’d get sick and the hospital bill would often be around $1,500. It was clear that we needed to replace her, but we don’t like change… And with Joey still in school, we didn’t feel it was prudent to do it. […]

This House »

Almost three years ago we left our beautiful house in Dallas and moved to this house, a house we bought after only a couple of house–hunting trips to Salt Lake City. We didn’t have time to fool around and wait for the house of our dreams. We needed to find a home soon since the […]