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A day in my life (2016) »

In 2009 I documented a day in my life. Almost seven years later, this is what life looks like. I once heard that every seven years you’re new. I can confirm this.

Choosing Heaven »

Last weekend was a tough one. Tiny actions or words unleashed a wave of anger towards Joey which consumed my mind during both days. I’d go to bed okay, or mildly upset, and by morning the emotion was exponentially worse. Very uncomfortable for the three of us. So when a tiny “emergency” woke us up […]

A day in my life »

A typical weekday in my life in 2009.

Introducing Joaquin, our perfect bolliti »

Our sweet baby Joaquin is finally here! In just a few days I’ve lived the worst and best moments of my life. There are so many stories I wanted to share, like what it felt like to be among the 25% of pregnant women who deliver via a c-section. Obviously I was not prepared for […]

Week 39.6: Bollito Atrincherado »

Hello bolliti, Lots have happened since my last update… Over the last two times we’ve been to the doctor, she’s confirmed that you have dropped really low and your head is pressing down on my cervix like such a tight cork, she’s having a hard time assessing how much I have dilated. You keep growing […]

Sticking Out »

A few notes to remember from our first childbirth class

Sweet Genes »

This poor baby is doomed: He's getting some serious genes of sugar addiction.

Miscalculating Space »

This is what happens when your pregnant belly grows so much, so fast.

One »

Despite the sacrifices of pregnancy, I’ve started to realize that this sharing of my body with a baby is also neat in other ways.

Oh, the irony… »

This is rich. A couple of weeks ago, Lorelle’s blog challenge was to find keywords that return your blog as the first result from a Google search. I didn’t do it. In fact, lately, I’ve become much less consumed by the popularity of my sites and the activity on my site logs, so I’m not […]

Baby Talk »

Short dialogue illustrating Joey's humor while trying for a baby

One Second »

The story of my husband's mountain biking accident

Tercer Viaje a mi Futuro »

Justo antes de ir a Business School… En el que vi la cuna de mi nieto y mi futura familia, sana y salva, esperandome despues de esta aventura y muchas mas.

One Year Ago: Moving to SLC (Part 2) »

The Road Trip... What kept me going through hell... The glorious arrival to our new home.

Married laughs before sleep »

Cracking up in bed with Joey, back in the time when we loved The Iron Chef.