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let’s have a baby

Oh, the irony… »

This is rich. A couple of weeks ago, Lorelle’s blog challenge was to find keywords that return your blog as the first result from a Google search. I didn’t do it. In fact, lately, I’ve become much less consumed by the popularity of my sites and the activity on my site logs, so I’m not […]

Trying is So Overrated »

Trying for a baby: An emotional roller coaster full of stress and frustration I don't wish on my worst enemy.

Bolliti Panfriti »

I think I'm finally ready to have a baby, and want it.

Baby Talk »

Short dialogue illustrating Joey's humor while trying for a baby

It’s Time! »

It's time to start trying for a baby

Maternal Wishes Still Not Kicking In »

Having never dreamed of becoming a mother, here I write about our decision to try to have children this year, and how I feel about the possibility of getting pregnant.