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Painting Stripes Part 3: Taping »

I wanted to paint perfectly straight stripes in our baby’s nursery. This is what I did to tape them.

Painting Stripes Part 2: Layout »

With colors selected, now I needed to decide on the layout of the stripes. That is: How many stripes, how wide, how uniform?… How to keep them from boxing us in the small room.

Painting Stripes Part 1: Color »

Subtle color contrast was an important factor in the success of my stripes project. Here I share my experience selecting the right paint colors for our baby’s room.

Painting a Mural »

After my recent success painting a beautiful mural for our baby’s room, I thought I’d share my process and some tips and tricks.

Nest Planning »

Current plan and design for our baby's room

I’m so going to get spanked for this… »

If you remember, I started the year with some nice productivity goals. My plan was to work with an eye on a very financially lucrative “Target”, but understanding that I’m only human, attempt to at least meet the “Lazy” level. In any case, under no circumstance whatsoever, should I go below “Minimum”. So the weeks […]

One »

Despite the sacrifices of pregnancy, I’ve started to realize that this sharing of my body with a baby is also neat in other ways.

The Guilt Begins… »

How my (thoughtfully considered) decision of not moving out of my office to give the baby the nicest room in the house has given me a first taste of maternal guilt.