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Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream »

Walnuts and cashews make a creamy, rich, and nourishing chocolate ice cream (our mousse) free of refined sugar, eggs, gluten and dairy.

The Rogue Chef: Moew »

“Moew”, pronounced “Moo”, is Joaquin’s latest culinary creation. Inspired by truffles we’ve made and enjoyed at home, he created an SCD recipe for yummy sweet bites.

Currant Lemon Scones »

This morning I woke up craving scones. After some research I walked determined to the kitchen, improvised a GFSF recipe, and made my first scones ever. Yum!

The Rogue Chef: Fruit Pizza »

Who makes cookie dough out of sunflower seeds, cream cheese, and kombucha? —THE ROGUE CHEF!… Six-year-old Joaquin explains his GFSF recipe in our first cooking show video.

Sweet Cake »

An SCD recipe developed by six-year-old Joaquin. His first muffin, and third concoction for his project of daily experimental desserts. I love the video tutorial!

Chocolate Birthday Cake »

Joey said it tasted like German chocolate cake, and Joaquin loved it and died for the double frosting. Here's the SCD (except for the cacao) recipe.