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Our Son-Rise / ABM program attracted 11 volunteers who graced us with their passion and dedication to help our son grow. I learned to embrace my role as their teacher and do my best to nurture their ability to facilitate Kiki’s social development. Some of these articles I wrote directly for them in the Team Joaquin blog.

Nurturing the Team’s Motivation »

Resources I created to help our volunteers magnify their motivation and impact before each play session, and assess their facilitation skills within our program's curriculum.

Inspiring Social Referencing: Following Eyes »

This video shows Aaron motivating Kiki to perceive and practice following somebody else’s eyes. He is playful and consistent and Kiki quickly starts to get it.

Easing Into My Resistance »

Choosing love and ease in order to connect with Kiki while joining him in one of his repetitive activities.

Practicing Movement with Attention »

Life examples of how ABM's 1st essential propelled us with sustained eye contact, verbal context in communication breakdowns, and understanding of emotions.

Inspiring Growth Without Requests »

A tweak to our Son-Rise program replacing requests by opportunities for spontaneous action. In these videos, Aaron's playfulness alone motivates Kiki to imitate him.

Suspending My Resistance »

Becoming aware and reversing the "mental no" and minimal response I give to Kiki's crazy and repetitive comments to give joy a chance and connect deeply with him.

Madame Bovary’s Shop »

A fun game designed around Joaquin's interest for shopping that motivated him to practice non-verbal communication.

The Purpose of Zoning Out »

Disconnecting is not of lesser value than being interactive; just one more way of being in the moment, and it has a purpose for autistic individuals and everybody else.

Hombre Araña »

A playroom game that motivated Kiki to stretch his attention span, body coordination, and physical interaction.

Building With Daring Actions »

Playing with Kiki while holding the intention to use daring actions to build motivation for myself or for variations around repetitive activities or conversations.