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the Q nest

My first tribe: Parents, sister; family before making my own.

The Best of 2013 »

A video celebrating our favorite moments, people, and places from 2013

Finding at the bottom of my subconscious »

While Joaquin takes a nap in our living room, I decide to take my Frequency book and read by him. As I go through chapter 3, an incredible revelation comes over me. I start seeing it so clearly. It makes so much sense, and my heart agrees by beating rapidly, and my eyes, ears and […]

Still lots to learn from my mother »

At this moment my mom is flying back to Colombia after a 47–day visit in our home. We kept busy and had tons of fun, as evidenced by the lack of updates to this web site since her arrival. My mom has a great sense of humor, cooks deliciously, and has a remarkable, not often […]

The End of an Era »

Four months ago, when my mom got off that airplane and greeted my 38–weeks–pregnant belly, a new future event was created in time: The day that she would leave and go back to her home. That day is today. Today is a very sad day for me, not because it marks the beginning of real […]

The Purpose of Life »

A personal analysis inspired by "The Celestine Prophecy" idea that the quest in one's lifetime is to reconcile the opposing approaches and fundamental truths of our parents.

Luz and Lucila »

In memory of my grandmothers and the legacy they passed to me: A passion and skill to create things with my hands.

A Mother’s Curse »

A scary story from my childhood. It all started with a mother's curse.