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Dusting the Studio (Part 1) »

With only a couple of slow days after the hectic month I’ve had, my brain is starting to play its typical games… Those where it tries to make me feel guilty for not being busy, for not being immersed on accomplishing something, for not tackling the items on my To–do–when–I’m–not–busy list… Only after TWO miserable […]

A virtual manicure for online selling »

A tutorial on using Photoshop to give my working hands a nice and clean manicure before posting an item for sale on Etsy.

As a gift to the public domain… »

After three years of doing this, our e-Christmas Card has become sort of a tradition many of our people have come to expect. I’ve always loved receiving people’s Holiday cards and letters telling us about their year. When we got married, Joey wanted us to join the tradition, but I’ve never thought I’m a very […]

Happy Birthday To Me »

Reviewing my first year blogging

Mafe Maria Realigns »

Discussing the goals and design process behind the recent redesign (or realignment) of Mafe Maria, my personal web site.

Real simple, I mean it! »

Looking for simplicity in the web design I create for myself.

Our Wedding Photos »

Teaser for our soon-to-come wedding photo gallery. Five years after the fact, but better late than never.