Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz




  1. On , Maria wrote:

    Just last night I was complaining about how lame this winter had started not having brought us some real snow yet. And this morning I had to eat my words.

    One of my clients reports that the snow will hit Texas tomorrow… Slow down on the roads for once, Tejanos!

  2. On , Jennifer wrote:

    UGH! I hate how freaked out everyone gets around here (TX). I’m just stubborn – one of about nine people in all of our department came in today. It stormed overnight, temps dropped, and apparently the sleet/ice will get ‘worse’ throughout the day. Well, I miss the cold weather so I’m going to participate in it as much as is available to me. New tires. New brakes. I’m all gooood.

  3. On , Petie wrote:

    This picture looks perfect for a christmas card.

  4. On , Maria wrote:

    To Jennifer,
    I can picture it… It’s kind of cozy those days when only three souls come to work. Don’t stay there too late though.

    To Petie,
    Oh yeah?.. Then, maybe I should use it as the background of our digital 2006 greeting card. I don’ think I’ll have enough time to do the ambitious thing I was thinking, so we’ll probably send out something similar to last year, of course: full of this year’s tragedies and adventures.

  5. On , Petie wrote:

    Definitely! It looks like a beautiful winter scene to me. Beautiful in its “idea”, but not in reality (for me). It’s too cold in Texas today for me. Where’s our 70 – 80 degree days!!?