Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

The Secret of My Life

I just heard some very powerful words that although were not new at all to me, for I have lived a lot of my life and achieved most of my goals by this rule, their message indeed needed to be remembered:

You may be feeling that it would be easier to be hearing these words if they had come to you on the first day of your experience upon this Earth. And if we were talking to you on your first day of physical life experience, we would say to you:

Welcome to Planet Earth.
There is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have.
You are a magnificent creator, and you are here by your powerful and deliberate wanting to be here.

Go forth, giving thought to what you’re wanting. Attracting life experiences to help you decide what you want. And once you’ve decided, giving thought only to that. Most of your time will be spent collecting data that will help you decide what it is you want, but your real work is to decide it and then to focus upon it, for it is by true focusing upon what you want that you will attract it. That is the process of creation.

I’m not sure how it is that as far as I can remember I’ve always known this. I’ve been introduced to people who believed it, or read it in all kinds of different ways, or heard about it from the books my mom summarized for me while we lived together. The truth is that I believe that a lot of what has happened in my life came to me because I asked for it and knew with perfect certainty that I would get it.

From the silly and inconsequential teenager “witchery” of visualizing that the guy I had a crush on would call me today exactly at 4:00 pm (and in fact receiving that call), to the certainty, and unbelievable amount of magical events that brought me and my husband together, to so many other major and minor “miracles” I have experienced in my life… I believe in this.

I believe in energy
I believe that my mind can affect such energy
I believe that I deserve to live a happy life, and I definitely believe that God wants me to be happy.

I resent the biblical image of a humanized angry and unforgiving male God who turns a woman into salt just because she disobeyed his command to not look back as he destroyed her city in fire.

I resent the ridiculous lessons given by my Opus Dei teachers who claimed that God wanted us to carry a heavy personal cross for life, and live in sacrifice, and if I was thirsty, I should pour a glass of water, and observe it for some time, offering the sacrifice of not drinking it immediately to God.

I believe in miracles, and in my power to bring them to my life.
I believe that miracles only happen to those who believe in miracles.

Some times I forget all this… Maybe because I’m going through a hard time in my personal or professional life. But it is nice to be reminded. I need to rescue my old vision board, wipe the dust off, and update the images and my wishes. Many of the wishes I had posted several years ago have already happened. I just need to re-evaluate what it is that I want now, and ask for it, and see it in colors again.

I know that this is one of the things I’ll teach my child/ren over and over:

There is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have.
You are a magnificent creator, and you are here by your powerful and deliberate wanting to be here.

You may have heard almost everybody talking about . I’ve heard three times about it in the last few weeks, and tried to dismiss it because I knew that I already knew what the message is. Well, I did know it, but definitely needed to be reminded now:


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    Hola prima, ya te había visitado y me enteré de la maravillosa noticia!!
    Sólo no había tenido tiempo de dejarte el mensajito. Los felicito a los dos y les deseo muchas felicidades. Cuenten conmigo siempre.
    Se les quiere.
    Un abrazo Iván

  2. On , Maria wrote:

    Gracias primillo!… Espera mas noticias del enano/a.