Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Sweet Genes

This morning, over IM:

Me: Mom saw alfajores with expiration date nov 28 (the day she gets here). She asked me if she should get them?

Joey: So we have to eat them all when she arrives

Me: She reminds me that last Christmas, the chocolate house was kind of stale, and you ate it with passion…

Joey: True-true

Me: (silence)

Joey: Bring em on!

Me: You crack me up

Joey: I’ll be here all week… Tip your waitresses!

Just a few days ago, with a face of concern, Joey tells me that everyone in his family is losing weight (and working at it), except for him. I nod. He then asks if I’m going to get on a diet as soon as the baby is born, kind of hinting that maybe he will get on a diet too, at that time — not sooner, of course.

This poor baby is doomed: He’s getting some serious genes of sugar addiction. And I can already tell, by the spirited way how he signals that it’s time for our daily cocoa and croissant snack.


  1. On , Petie wrote:

    Tell Joey not to worry… the holidays have arrived (in my book anyway). There will be no more serious dieting until the new year. Sigh, I have joined the masses and join in on the new year’s dieting. I am at my pre-pregnancy weight at least. Gotta try to maintain that!

  2. On , Us wrote:

    I’m stuck. No more swill for me. I am what I am.