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Week 37: Baked

Sweet little bollo,
You’re all baked now.
We’re ready for you. Please come out.
You know you want it…

That crazy voice you hear every day, the one that chases and teases your little butt whenever you shake it in my belly… that’s daddy. We can tell you’re intrigued by him. He’s a lot of fun. Every child that meets him loves him, so imagine how special you are.

The voice that laughs and sings “Joaquín, Joaquín” whenever you do almost anything, that’s mommy. She’ll be the one feeding you when you get cut off your supply of strawberries and cocoa. She plans to wait a while before introducing you to sweet flavors, but you’ll definitely score some puntos and may even change her mind if you treat her kindly and don’t break her crotch as you come out. You know you like those sweets… So think about it.

Mommy’s very afraid of how big you’ll get with every passing week…
Daddy was a huge baby, with a huge huge HUGE head. He had a hard time coming out, but her mom had it much worse. So please be kind to mommy… Think of the ice cream… That usually works with daddy: He’ll do anything for ice cream, and hopefully so will you.

Last week we learned that you have already dropped. It’s very clear because I now have swollen hands and feet, and have to go to pee a lot more often than usual. You keep doing your subtle pececito moves deep down low, and for a while I thought that your new position had changed your ability to move around, but after a few days of adjusting you’re back to stretching out as much as you used to. You have much fewer episodes of hiccups lately though… I guess you’re getting good at the sucking thing.

At the doctor, they put us both on the monitor. The nurse was disappointed for some time because you kept napping, and she wasn’t getting the “accelerations” she wanted to see. She buzzed you twice with a noisy device. Every time, it made you stretch far out in the opposite direction. Doc came into the room and we discussed my labor preferences, and when the nurse came back, she said that you must’ve liked Dr. R because apparently you had been awake during our chat and we finally had a good chart of your little heart. You’re definitely a social baby, so I guess you’ll be a Sag… Though your dad keeps reminding you that if you’re born within a few days you’ll get to be a Scorpio, just like mommy and daddy. Wouldn’t that be cute?

Pregnant women are supposed to be distracted and forgetful, but I hadn’t experienced any of that until last Thursday. I needed to add 700 pixels to the position of an element, and I got it wrong not only once, but THREE times. It’s clear that this pregnancy is coming to an end, but only one thing can truly end it.

I am a lot more tired lately… Besides finishing reviewing web prototypes with my client and washing all your clothes, all I managed to do this week of significant value was to get some nursing PJs which I’ll start wearing at the hospital. I found a set of matching [mom’s] gown and [baby’s] onesie in some cute penguin fabric. I laughed at the clever (though manipulative) idea of its creators, but daddy couldn’t resist it. He made me get it… I can’t wait to get us both on those matching PJs… Too bad they didn’t have a matching set for daddy… That would’ve made the perfect photo to end our 2007 Holiday card. You are the star of this year’s photo slideshow and I’m just waiting for your birth to wrap it up and send it out. This year was definitely all about you.

We can’t wait to see you…
Maybe this Saturday?… It will be full moon, you know?

ready for baby

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  1. On , Mafe Maria • Week 38: Activo Pillito wrote:

    […] At the doctor they put us on the monitor again, and your performance this time cracked me up. You acted as if you were very scared of that evil buzzer from last time. You stayed awake and gave the nurse all the nice heart accelerations she wanted to see. When she came back in the room she praised you and commented that the chart was beautiful, and although she’d leave us hooked for a few more minutes — she said— things already looked great. Well, it’s as if you had understood all that, because from that moment on you started napping. Like you figured that you were now safe from the buzzer, and it was ok to go to sleep. […]