Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Week 39.6: Bollito Atrincherado

Hello bolliti,

Lots have happened since my last update…

Over the last two times we’ve been to the doctor, she’s confirmed that you have dropped really low and your head is pressing down on my cervix like such a tight cork, she’s having a hard time assessing how much I have dilated.

You keep growing so much, that it has become extremely hard for me to continue driving long distances. For that reason, daddy has taken us to the doctor the last two times and he’s been with us in the room when they’ve put you on the monitor. I’m not sure if that’s the reason why, but these last times on the monitor you’ve been extremely excited. Your heart rate climbs up like a racing horse, then drops as if the horse is taking a curve, goes up again as I watch you fight the monitor straps (you really hate all kinds of tightness across my belly) and it takes the nurses some time to establish your baseline heart rate for them to feel comfortable that everything is ok down there. But looking at the chart last time, my doctor concluded that you’re fine, and we simply have a wild baby.

Of course, the first time your dad came into the monitor room he was experiencing chest pains, and had us all convinced that he might be having a heart attack. We had to rush out of my doctor to take care of him, and then come back next day to check on you again. Knowing how you two play now through the belly, specially when listening to music, I asked your dad NOT to play with you that day, and NOT to talk to you directly, and in fact: NOT even to talk in a volume that you could hear him. You did much better on the monitor that time, so maybe it’s true: Your dad already has the capacity to overstimulate you, and play you hard, like he does so easily with so many children.

Nani, your maternal abuelita arrived to our home a week ago. I had hoped you would be born long before that, but you waited for her, and you’ve given her all the time to become familiar with her new surroundings, and to even fall in love with you. Last Sunday while we were watching some bad movie I felt you doing that little movement you do some times. It’s so tiny, controlled, and repetitive I can only imagine you’re rocking yourself. I showed it to her, and after a few minutes I couldn’t feel you moving any more, so I told her you were now sleeping. She was completely enternecida that you in fact rock yourself to sleep. Then, a few days ago we were listening to my music collection… You seem to like certain types of classical music, and in general happy music too. We could see you moving at different spots during the long music session, and mom cracked me up when we saw you moving in response to my singing. She called you a “bollito lamb√≥n“… trying to score points with mommy by telling her you like her singing.

Then, Monday came and I was upset because Monday mornings are the time when I happen to get upset at the fact that I’m still waiting, and waiting, and who knows when my uterus will start contracting. And I know I shouldn’t be expecting you to be born yet because we’re still at only 39 weeks and first babies usually come later than their due date. But maybe it’s the fact that everyone who sees my huge belly or knows how far I am tells me “You’re getting close!!!”, and the fact of knowing that you have dropped so low and I am so effaced, and most of all: It’s the fact that life as I know it is absolutely miserable these days when I have to carry and (attempt to) sleep with a belly so big. Rolling from side to side in bed HURTS now.

But amazingly, although I may have a bad day or night, next day I’m ok again… My body gets used to the new weight, or the new misery… And your sleep patterns have changed a lot over the last week or so. I feel you awake for a long time during the afternoon. I feel you moving low next to my bones, apparently doing some kind of intense repairs down there… It cracks me up, and everyone else I tell… Mom tells me that she doesn’t remember people talking to the pregnant belly back in her time, and it amazes me: How could someone ignore a critter doing the things you do every day?

I don’t think I’ll ever experience that spurt of energy that makes pregnant women clean the entire house right before going into labor. But I did decide to keep myself entertained this week. I finally went out and bought some fabric to reupholster our breakfast chairs. They’re beautiful!… But above all, the new peace I have this week comes from finally having a date to look forward to. That’s right: You’ve been given an ultimatum. At the doctor, we decided on a date when we’ll induce labor if you have not been born by then. Although carrying you around is difficult these days, and the stretch marks are running wild across my belly, I made sure that we gave you enough time to be completely cooked. Our doctor thinks that everything looks very favorable for a speedy labor and there aren’t any risks in trying to evict you sooner than you probably want. So, one way or another, we’ll meet very very soon, and everyone here just can’t wait…

What a trooper (38-39 wks)


  1. On , Joey wrote:

    He really didn’t like that monitor strip in the last office visit! You could see him pushing against it. Great swells of arms and legs from the little octupus!

  2. On , Petie wrote:

    My vote is for 12/7. Then, all three babies will be “7s” (Joelle = 17th, Elise = 27th and ….) :)

  3. On , Maria wrote:

    Ah! Then, the little bollo will have to trigger labor tonight or some time tomorrow morning. He’s enjoying mom’s food so much, I don’t see him coming out willingly. He’s entrenched, and I can picture him kicking and biting on the way out :)

  4. On , Us wrote:

    I am sad that Sharon & I will not be there. I was there when Joelle and Lisie were born. Just Petie, Chris and I were there when Lisie was born, Sharon was with Joelle.

    I guess I will not be able to see my grandson’s first bath. That is the problem with distance.

    Sharon is the 19th, so 9 will be OK.

  5. On , Joey wrote:

    I know the distance is tough… but we do have a big house that accommodates visits!

  6. On , Maria wrote:

    I’m with you Pete… When I compare my life as a child to the one of children in the US, it saddens me that my child/ren won’t grow up as close to their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins as I did. Joelle and Elise are privileged. We’ll just have to make up for the distance with family trips…