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If you believe in reincarnation…

Silly, I know, but it had never occurred to me how difficult it is to learn to do the things we do so effortlessly with our bodies. It was only several weeks ago, when I saw the expression on Joaquin’s face while he was holding a rattle with his left hand and mom offered another object to his right hand… You could see the mental effort this poor little creature was going through in order to deal with that problem.

He keeps getting better and better at working with his hands, but he is (and has been for a while) very ready to do something fruitful with his legs. He can’t wait to walk. Sure, he’ll settle for crawling if he needs to, but it’s really walking… jumping… flying that he wants to do.

Joaquin, an old man at 4 months

Watching my baby learn all things, and observing his reactions to the process, has made me think that — if you believe in reincarnation — Joaquin is a very old spirit, coming to this world with a very clear and important mission. And man, does he hate to be a baby and have to learn these basic things all over again!…

“Why can’t I walk already?”

“I don’t want to sit here. C’mon, lose these straps. I want up!”

“Those little children… They bore me.”

“Stupid toy! You suck!”

“Lay down here while I eat?… Heck no!… I’m a man on the go! I want to eat while I’m running! I want to pee standing!”

Bebé, bebé — I think as I’m rocking him dead tired after playing — I can’t wait for you to learn it all either. I really want to see who it is that you will become… In the meantime, you’re my sweet sweet baby, and I love that you’re so tiny and fit right here, in my arms.

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  1. On , Joey wrote:

    It’s so true. We took him for a stroll today (pictured above), and almost the whole time you could hear Joaquin grunting and groaning against his straps, trying to sit up. He couldn’t just enjoy the stroll on a pretty day. Nope, HE needed to be something.

  2. On , Jennifer wrote:

    Ok, you may not like this, but when I read your post today, it made me think of Stewie, from the cartoon show “The Family Guy.” He’s the baby who is really just a little grown-up, trying to take over the world. Here’s a couple quotes that sum up what I was thinking while reading your entry:

    “Let me guess, you picked out yet another colorful box with a crank that I’m expected to turn and turn until OOP! big shock, a jack pops out and you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and I die a little inside.”
    – Stewie in The Kiss Seen Around the World

    “Hey, mother, I come bearing a gift. I’ll give you a hint. It’s in my diaper and it’s not a toaster.”
    – Stewie in I am Peter, Hear me Roar
    Anyway, I hope the journey continues to be wonderful! Old souls, I think, are the most interesting, by far :)


  3. On , Maria wrote:

    He! he!… Sounds right…
    Yes: Old souls are the most interesting. I totally agree!

  4. On , lulu wrote:

    Mafe, si esto es ahora, espera a que tu bolliti este mas grande, y decida conocer el mundo en detalle: empiece a caminar por todos lados como loco, a recoger todo lo que ve en el suelo y se lo meta a la boca, decida meter los dedos en los enchufes de la luz o tragarse una moneda…

  5. On , Maria wrote:

    Oh yeah… Yo me imagino que éste bollo va a ser un explorador busca–problemas. Ya me tiembla el rabo de imaginar lo que ocurrirá cuando este enano por fin logre moverse por si solo. El mundo se le va a quedar chiquito!!!… y yo detrás tratando de cuidarle el rabo : )