Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Turns out, I can actually make bags (YESSS!)

So, for those of you who may read this site and may not have relationships with me on Flickr or Facebook… Anybody left?…

… For you, I feel the need to complete the story of my recent outburst and finish it with a happy ending.

The Rosettes series, by Maria Stultz

But to get here, first I…

Drowned my pain with some delicious ice cream infused with alcohol and topped with Pirouettes.

Went to the craft store. Found beautiful cotton duck cloth in all kinds of magical colors. Fell in love with the idea of making handbags with hand printed fabric on colors matching the solids my fingers were caressing. Proceeded to spend the next two hours choosing five colors to take home and start the project.

Sewed a prototype.

Designed prints. Played with placement and color combinations on Illustrator. Agonized over all the choices I generated.

Requested feedback from cool chicks I knew might like some of my designs. Selected designs for printing. Made up my mind about colors to print first.

Made screens. “Patiently” waited for the weekend…

Rosettes printing screens

Printed two of the designs, each in two different colors. Agonized over which colors of fabric to use as accents for each of the prints. Requested opinions from cool chicks again. Thought I was going to end up with tacky beach tote bags. Almost threw the towel and decided to make placemats and coasters instead.

Sucked it up. Made executive decisions. Sewed bags.

Bags turned out great. Thought they looked pretty. Thought they looked like summer bags. Realized that the summer is almost over. Sobbed on Facebook.

Sucked it up. Dressed and combed hair for photo shoot. Decided to try the bags with fall clothes, just in case…

Khaki wristlet bag designed handprinted and made by Maria StultzRed clutch designed handprinted and made by Maria Stultz
Navy/khaki handbag designed handprinted and made by Maria StultzNutmeg handbag designed handprinted and made by Maria Stultz

Bags looked BEAUTIFUL with fall clothes. Bags were awesome. Converted from being a shoulder–bag kind of woman to my 3–way mafemaria bags.

Made coordinating mini wallets. Showed the world.

Rosettes mini wallets, by Maria Stultz

The world liked. Listed products on Etsy.

Realized I can actually make bags. Returned blue print to her container. Print still tries to laugh at me, but all my new handbags and wallets come hug me and tell her to shut up.


  1. On , liliana wrote:

    Well done and well said dear friend!

  2. On , Maria wrote:

    Thank you “cool chick” ;)

  3. On , marla scott wrote:

    Love these! And why was the blue print laughing at you? That’s the one I loved! Oh wait, it looks summery, right? I don’t care. Still like it. I WANT the red one though.

  4. On , Maria wrote:

    I think you may be thinking of a different print. The one I showed you and you said that you liked and would look great in navy or burgundy?… I haven’t printed that one yet.

  5. On , Jennifer wrote:

    Your creations are always inspirational. And, I think the colors and print actually make the bags very fall-friendly.

  6. On , Maria wrote:

    Awww… “inspirational”… Thank you :)