Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz


Bollo’s latest hobby is to type on my computer. He selects a key, presses it, and says out loud the name of the corresponding character. Letters and numbers used to be fun, but he’s now totally into three new characters: guion (-), igual (=), and his favorite ever: slash (/). Check out the pride in his expressions, and the way how that cute trompita curves with coolness when he says “shloaassh”.

Joaquin’s age: 2.3 years

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  1. On , Pete Stultz wrote:

    Wow, he is sharply dressed!

  2. On , Maria wrote:

    I love that sweater ;)

  3. On , Pete Stultz wrote:

    I am fond of the “slash” also. He looks so big now….I have missed sooooo much.

  4. On , Maria wrote:

    I know… My mom was also shocked by how much “older” he is now from the last time she was here, just five months ago. It all goes so fast, and I haven’t been posting a lot of news for you guys…

  5. On , Barbara wrote:

    Cosita rica!!!! esta pa’ comerselo, muchas bendiciones Mafe, tienes una familia preciosa