Mafe Maria: Every story has a happy ending if we give it enough time

Our Journey (so far)

This is an ode to Joaquin, and Joey, and Eliza, and me. To the amazing adventure we’ve lived during the last seven months after discovering Joaquin’s autism. It goes also to my Son-Rise family: Everybody at the Autism Treatment Center of America, and all the “beacons of light”… The mothers and fathers, and volunteers working every day in playrooms around the world.

Joaquin’s Adventure


  1. On , Maria Ines wrote:

    Thank you Maria for sharing..
    Va en españ encató el video, y tu sitio. Tu hijo es un sol.
    Te mando un gran abrazo, y comparto con vos la jornada, codo a codo, día por día,desde Argentina, y desde el playroom de Germán.

  2. On , Maria wrote:

    Hola!!! Que gusto que me visitas por aca!
    Gracias, mujer. Que mensaje mas lindo me has dejado!… Te mando un abrazo grande, y muchos besitos a German :)

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