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Blessed Food and Water

For anyone open to believe, and who may benefit from considering these thoughts…

For the last months I’ve heard so much about the wonder of fermented foods in the treatment of autism. The information makes a lot of sense to me, and I have started as much as I can to add fermented foods to our diet. I hear over and over, specially from people in my community about the miraculous effect of young coconut kefir, and I was very ready to fill out an online order form to receive a case of frozen coconut water imported straight from Thailand.

But then, I heard Gregg Braden talk about the things we should be doing right now within the context of the Earth shifting and the many crises not anymore so distant in our horizon. He said we should be putting the best and most nutritious food in our body. And he specifically talked about local and organic as much as possible. He was specific about making a conscious effort to support sustainable sources of food and reducing the carbon footprint of what we consume. So importing frozen coconut water from across the ocean started sounding less appealing to me.

But sometime this week, while sort of meditating, this idea came to me…

I’ve heard about Masaru Emoto’s work with water… How intention put on it transforms its nature, and even the most horribly polluted water, when blessed with love and good intentions becomes pure again. I’ve listened to Dr. Bruce Lipton, providing evidence to satisfy the remaining skeptic in me to help me believe for once and all that beliefs (truly aligned beliefs) can affect my cells in an immediate way.

So the insight that came to me is that I can put love and intentions on any drink or food I want in order to make it as nourishing and miraculous for us as this famous young coconut kefir could be. I could bless anything!… And by “I”, I don’t mean “I, Maria”, but the Source energy of which we all are part of. I simply have to tune in and let it do it… And I realized for the first time why the practice of blessing and appreciating our food before consuming it makes sense. And if some day a catastrophe strikes and we lose access to the food we rely on right now to keep our precious diet, I want to remember this so I can believe that at that time we will be able to consume anything that’s available and it will be as nourishing and friendly to our bodies, as the most pure and fresh food is right now.

Has Maria gone crazy?… Maybe, but I don’t think so…

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  1. On , Joan wrote:

    Not crazy….In fact, it’s so nice to have met someone as open minded as me!