Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Happy Lenses

happy lenses

Today… Just as an experiment… Decide that you ‘re going to have an awesome day. There will be a lot of stuff out of your control, and no matter what happens, just today, as an experiment, you will choose to be happy and at peace with whatever situation is thrown at you; with whatever thing you find yourself doing, whether it is at the top or bottom of your wish list. Don’t worry… You can go back to being unhappy tomorrow.

Anything that happens (or you choose to do, whether you wanted it or not) that starts pressing your unhappy button, you will find at least one thing to appreciate in it… you will purposely decide to look away from the negative (you’ve already noticed it), and find one gift in it for you, so you can anchor and stay having an awesome day.

The first time you do this, it may feel difficult. Just stick with it… Suspend your resistance… Make an effort… You’ll see that as soon as you flip that switch, you’ll get a lot of power, and the next one will be easier, and before you know it, there is nothing in this day that can get you off balance.

Have been doing this five days in a row. It feels great :)
One of these days I will choose unhappiness. And it will be okay too.
For that day, this may help.

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