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Healing: Energy and Information

Wow. I’m putting together what I’m learning about living cells from Bruce Lipton, with what I learned and keep experiencing after attending a Reconnective Healing seminar last weekend, with what I’m experiencing reading Penney Peirce’s “Frequency”

It’s all making so much sense, and just keeps validating my gut wisdom to keep discarding much of what the so-called “experts” think they know about Autism, and all I think I know about Joaquin, myself, Joey, you, and you.

Last summer, at the Son–Rise Start–Up, Bryn Hogan asked us to suspend our disbelief in order to open up to what she had to teach us. What I’m learning now is that a key to healing physically and emotionally may be found in the act of consciously SUSPENDING OUR BELIEF. So our thoughts and vibration don’t resonate with what’s vibrating “wrong”. So perhaps the body is free to do what it was designed to do — that is, oscillate towards balance— and perhaps we’re actually helping cancel out the off vibrations by not aligning with them.

Just for a little while (or more if possible), allowing life to exist without the burden of my beliefs. All of them.

Sounds simple, but the mind interferes so much.

I’m finding that meditation and the act of observing and noticing from the perspective of not knowing is helping me to control my chatty monster. It’s slowing me down. It’s helping me understand and FEEL so much more than I was perceiving.

I’m amazed by the curriculum that the Universe is putting together for me. So perfect.

  • Watch The Living Matrix: The Science of Healing

    As I intuited, the information I put in Joaquin’s field affects him to an extent. The beliefs I hold about him (consciously and subconsciously), and the way how my energy interacts with his, affect the environment from which his body’s cells receive information and create responses. Of course he has information of his own (whether he is conscious of it or not), but what I believe of him (and me, and the world) is also input to his system.

About a week ago I had a very strong intuition that the less I focus on Joaquin’s recovery as a goal, the better off he will be. For the last year I’ve had the notion that my life is on hold until I know Joaquin is fine. “When Joaquin is done, perhaps I’ll become a therapist”. What I’ve been “told” recently is that I need to start living my life right now. I need to stop waiting for Joaquin. Right now, I need to start living as I would if I believed Joaquin is perfect.

Although I don’t think this means I need to stop doing Son-Rise and go out right now and actively seek new projects, to my rational mind “starting to live my life” sounds irresponsible, negligent, and crazy. It’s certainly a risk to think of it this way; no responsible rational parent does that. But something tells me that this is the way.

And magically, during the last seven days I’ve had this awareness, I’ve witnessed two amazing events that indicate Joaquin’s progress in a social area he had shown very little development so far… This week, for the first time in his life Joaquin attempted to interact with a child, and just last Friday, he offered a kiss and a hug to a doctor we were visiting —a complete stranger to Joaquin. It was so unexpected…

I really feel I’m on the right track, and life keeps giving me evidence of it.

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