Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

Loving Joaquin. Loving Ourselves. Loving All

Lately, my Son-Rise team meetings and feedback sessions with Joaquin’s volunteers have focused a lot around a holistic view of our attitude. Meaning, I’m not talking about what we do in the Romper Room only, but about the whole way how he live love, choice, trust, self-awareness, gratitude and happiness in our lives. The idea being, our relationship with Joaquin and the challenges we run into give us a great opportunity to practice this way of being before we attempt to tackle our bigger life issues with it. And the more we choose to live all these interconnected aspects in our lives, the more powerful and natural we are when we play with Joaquin in the Romper Room.

It is my belief that love heals. My intention and actions to raise my energetic vibration, and the way how I AM, resonate with Joaquin providing him an optimal environment to grow, and they heal ME also. Win-win. Flow.

Today I’m reading the most recent entries of our team in our Son-Rise tracking forms, and I can’t help but smile and feel so excited and inspired as I see how this holistic attitude is taking over our program and how I know it has infected my life, and that of the members of our team. So I want to share some of my favorite quotes:

“I got into pretend play today. Used the 3Es [Energy, Excitement, Enthusiasm]. I am having fun finding beliefs that are holding me back and changing them. Love that I can choose to be fun.”

“The other days of the week I had been timid about playing with Joaquin because I was scared of getting a bite. But today I went into the Romper Room with no fear and confidence that I would know what to do if he did try and give a love bite. I was much more comfortable and relaxed in the room.”

“I just told him how adorable and cute he was when he looked at me. Just gave him all my love.”

(About unclear words) “I noticed a few but not any I corrected actually because they were too funy or too cute to correct. Haha sorry. :)”

“Everytime he would give me these looks I felt such love for him! They were such natural, beautiful smiles. I would reflect that love during our play.”

(About a meltdown) “Loving attitude. I felt his frustration and lowered my energy and voice. Would suggest help slowly, but because that was irritating him more (though he was asking for it), stopped acting. Hugged him and told him I understood why he was upset, and it was okay to cry and scream. Told him I was here to help him when he was ready. Offered tissues.”

Last month, The Son-Rise Program was awarded as “Best Autism Therapy” at the Autism One National Conference. The Son-Rise staff also participated at the event providing free care for children in the spectrum so their parents could attend the conference. Unable to practice the full one-on-one Son-Rise program for all these children, they offered their attitude. They loved these little angels and celebrated them for who they are. And from this, many of those parents saw incredible changes on their children during the days the event lasted. New families will soon join the Son-Rise community.

The Son-Rise staff recently celebrated their award in the company of Bears and Samahria Kaufman, founders of Son-Rise. Bears describes the event as a celebration of love and gratitude for how their training in the program has changed their own lives; how they choose to show up and love in the world. I join this celebration in my heart. I feel it mine too because this program that I started one year ago for my son is what kicked off the journey that has taken ME so far. And what a perfect first step.

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