Mafe Maria: Personal stories by autism parent mentor, Maria Stultz

On / Off

While appreciating the fact that I currently find myself inspired, peaceful, loving, free, and flowing…

I just noticed how my “newspaper” (the collection of things that reach me every day) is bringing me messages of inspiration, love, freedom, ease, and fluidity. I’m noticing the obvious: It’s not a coincidence and special gift from the angels that I’m getting these nurturing thoughts and rosy picture of the world every day. I have, in a very non-mysterious way, chosen to turn nurturing things ON and fearful things OFF.

Although I love all the people in my life and the circumstances under which we came together, one by one, I’ve turned off display of facebook friends whose every post speaks of all the terrible things that happen in the world, all the ways how people are mean or plain uncaring on a daily basis, how screwed up politicians and systems are, all of the million invisible enemies that cause autism, all of the million invisible enemies in the body of an amazing autistic individual, and other personal favorite fears.

Meanwhile, over the last year I have found people that inspire me to BE and LOVE more. I have watched their videos, listened to their messages, tried their recipes, signed up to their newsletters, added them as FB friends, attended their seminars, purchased their books and services…

I’ve chosen consistently. And it’s paying off.

(This reminds me in a non-linear way of Joaquin… Always seeking passionately what works best for him… and me)

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